With the Philadelphia Film & Television market growing, our On-Camera acting program is designed to give actors the skills they need to audition and work in today's tv series, film, commercials and new-media. Learn technical skills and script analysis to approach a variety of genres and roles. Stay current with industry trends, increase your business savvy and learn from a forty-year acting veteran.



With Acting Coach John Pallotta

We Offer ONLINE Classes




All Classes Taught by John Pallotta

Month to Month Classes Online

Online Class Schedule

Tuesday or Friday 7:00 - 8:30 PM

Only 8 Actors Permitted Per Online Class

$150.00 - One Class Per Week

$250.00 Two Classes Per Week


Simply Call 646-619-7777 or email us at assists@johnpallotta.com

The online classes are not eligible for FREE audits or sample classes

You will receive an email with class link or password before start of class as well as a booklet with all class material.

Our Online Camera Intro class is ideal for actors who are ready to start their on Camera training. Taught by Acting Coach John Pallotta, this course introduces you to the fundamentals of on-camera acting. The techniques and skills you acquire in this course will serve as a strong foundation for you to build upon as you continue classes. In this course you will learn techniques specific for on-camera acting, including:


A wealth of tools for every actor and every class!

What John will be covering weekly


Script analysis

Auditioning Class

Character Development

Guest Star auditioning

Commercial auditioning

Cold Reading and Audition Technique

Eye-Lines or Sight-Lines

Vocal control

Script breakdowns

Motivated blocking


Active verbs

Lenses & shots

On-camera tricks & tips.


We pride ourselves in small class sizes,

allowing every student to work on-camera in every class.

You will receive adjustments from your instructor

and build confidence in your skills.


Required: Students must have internet access,

as well as a computer cell phone tablet with a

working camera and microphone.


Tuesday or Friday 7:00 - 8:30 PM

Only 8 Actors Permitted Per Online Class

$150.00 - One Class Per Week

$250.00 Two Classes Per Week

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John Pallotta, Critically Acclaimed Film Acting Coach

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